osCMax Power e-commerce software

This is the official project download page for osCmax - open source Commerce Maximized. Here you will find the latest download package as well as historical downloads. The changelog will be posted here, as well as all relevant links, such as the bugtracker and documentation.

osCmax is a powerful and flexible e-commerce shopping cart software package. osCmax is a web based application that runs on a webserver, either Apache or IIS (and can run on others, but has not been tested). It requires a web server, PHP 5.2, Mysql 5.x and up , Apache 2.2.x

Download Current osCmax Release: osCmax v2.5.4


2.5.3 upgrade to 2.5.4 changes only829.83 KB
2.5.2 upgrade to 2.5.3 changes only820.7 KB
2.5.1 upgrade to 2.5.2 changes only942.96 KB
2.5.0 upgrade to 2.5.1 changes only585.59 KB
2.5.0 Upgrade to v2.5.0 PL1 changes only129.02 KB
Changes Only package from 2.5-RC2 to MB
Upgrade Script for osCmax v2.0.25 to v2.5.083.58 KB
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