Demo Data Pack for osCmax v2.5


This is a demo store pack for osCmax v2.5.  It will load your store with a products form an example Apple Mac Store (it does not contain a template).Included in the pack:

  • Images and SQL file
  • Categories, Products, Attributes and Stock
  • Specials, Price Breaks and Cross Sells
  • Articles and Authors
  • Reviews
  • Customers, Addresses and Orders
  • Wishlists
  • Manufacturers

You must install this on an empty install of osCmax - when you are finished testing/demoing just reinstall osCmax a fresh before creating your real store.Installation:

  1. Open phpMyAdmin (or similar)
  2. Browse to your new database setup for testing osCmax
  3. Click SQL tab at the top of the screen
  4. Copy and Paste the SQL from the enclosed file
  5. Run SQL
  6. Copy images from supplied folders to the relevant image folders on your server


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