12 years 12 weeks ago
This is a simple contribution to plug into your oscmax installation that will allow your clients to log into their admin page and edit an "about Us" page.
12 years 47 weeks ago

We took this contribution originally by Janz and fixed it to work with osCMax rc2



You can now have attributes and quantity boxes on your product listing page as well as be able to set up the page to have one add to cart button for all products and attributes selected or a buy me now button under each product.

12 years 29 weeks ago

This simple contribution allows you to control the size of the WYSIWYG editor window on the admin side.

Great for the people who have larger monitors and tired of looking at the small editor window.

12 years 4 weeks ago

Adsense Control Center v1.0 By Hanuman Support and Forum at http://www.open-source-services.com/Forum/oscMax-Adsense-Control-Center-v1.0/ This contribution is a simple, flexible and powerful solutio

11 years 30 weeks ago

I just integrated this of my site Ajax Search Suggestions www.discounthandpowertools.co.uk I used
The osC_AJAX_Suggest_Package & Search_Box_Anywhere_22_November_2005 packages
And played with the code and come up with this.
I have created couple of buttons includes PNG files
any suggestion or more ideas would be good.

12 years 27 weeks ago

This contribution will automatically email your customers that selected product notifications when a products stock is updated. Used in combination with a couple others which are mentioned in the instructions it is truly as my 6 year old would say awesome. Updated for OSCMAX

8 years 14 weeks ago
This feature makes possible to update multiple orders at once from the orders page without entering each order.Also it will eventually email the customers a pre-set comment.Very useful if you have many orders and want to change their status at once!

10 years 8 weeks ago

Conversion of Check Permission for osCmax install (with a couple of edits).

Checks all your files to see if they are set correctly.
Checks you have renamed Admin folder
Checks you have a backup folder
Checks you have removed the install folder

10 years 22 weeks ago

I forget to check the contributions site everyday even every week or month. When I do remember to checkback it takes forever to update all my contribs. Contribution tracker checks the oscommerce feed and notes what contributions have been updated so you can easily see what contribution needs to be updated.

12 years 17 weeks ago

This is an updated easypopulate + product attributes package for osCMax. Most modifications were made because of problems reported in the forum. Thanks to all that helped debug.

12 years 47 weeks ago

Easy way add retail price in the product_info.php

or some fields like this:

retail price: 89.99
our price: 45.00
you save: 44.99 or 50%


Ported to osCMAx 2.0 100% compatible. 

10 years 6 weeks ago
This is an adaptation of the original Faq Desk, ported to work with osCMax v2.x

Faq Desk is a full featured FAQ system for creating, managing and posting FAQs in your osCMax site. Full administrative management as well as fully templated for osCMax.
12 years 47 weeks ago

This adds a full FAQ system to osCMax. 


Based on FAQ system v.1.0 (adgrafics)

- Multilanguage automatically
- Create questons and answer
- Edit Faq
- Delete Faq
- Activation / DeActivation the Faq
- Change Queue
- View All or to chosen language FAQ (only Admin area)

9 years 19 weeks ago


7 years 22 weeks ago

This is a test project to debug the projects system at oscmax.com

10 years 22 weeks ago

Hide Categories & Products for oscmax

10 years 5 weeks ago
Here is my conversion of the Links Manager II to work with osCMax v2.0.3 (and probably all v2.0 stable releases) and v2.1x.

It is a fully templated conversion that works with the osCMax BTS template system.

The following were updated to make it osCMax compatible:
12 years 49 weeks ago

Ported to work with RC3 Max

This program enables display and management of a categorized list of links to other websites. You can add/edit/delete/enable/disable links and categories from the admin interface.

It also includes a link submit form, where users can submit links and request you to add them to your list.

12 years 34 weeks ago

This contribution is for shops that sells music (Cd, vynil ect...).
It add a ability to listen an audio sample in mp3 of your products,
which will be streamer from your server by a player in flash.

10 years 4 weeks ago

This is the project dedicated to the development of the new administrative file manager for osCMax, replacing the old file manager that has been removed from the system.This project is in the pre-development stage, nothing has yet been decided. This is the time to add your input and help decide on the best solution for osCMax.

10 years 6 weeks ago
This is the News Desk mod converted to work with osCMax v2.0x and v2.1x

This mod creates a "news desk" feature for your site where you can post news articles or stickies, and generate an RSS feed for your news.
12 years 49 weeks ago

Ported Product Tabs for RC3 MAX by automotiveuk

This ported module over right and run but please backup database files etc this is for default install of RC3 MAX
so if you have moded your shop files already this will break your shop so I advise you to install on non live
shop to test I have tested this port on default install of RC3 and it works and ready to work.

12 years 9 weeks ago

Product Attribute Pictures (PAPs) For oscMax and osCommerce carts. 


12 years 47 weeks ago

Product tabs contribution adds tabs to product pages. See demo Here


12 years 44 weeks ago

Creates and update page that allows updating fields (you set in configuration) for multiple products at one time. I added the ability to modify length, width, height, and ready to ship status when using UPS(XML) with dimension support. This is my first attempt at submitting a contribution so send any constructive feedback you like.

12 years 49 weeks ago

Quickbooks Import QBI aims to be the ultimate tool for tranferring you osCMMax sales into Quickbooks.

a) Imports new invoices and new customers in one iif file
b ) Imports payments with invoices or as sales receipts
c) Can go back and reimport previous invoices
d) Can import all customers or products
e) Converts osC products to QB item groups
f) Converts osC products with attributes to separate QB items
g) Converts osC products with attributes to QB sub-items
h) Converts any osC product to a QB item with a different name
i) Converts osC shipping methods to QB shipping names

9 years 49 weeks ago

This is a very simple to install marquee of random products. It can be used in your header, on the home page, or within product pages.You can define the size of the displayed images and the scroller, within the one php file.You can define how many images to display with Admin.

10 years 4 weeks ago
Ported to osCMax from the MVS shipping Estimator. This mod adds a button any time a customer adds an item to their shopping cart that will spawn a JavaScript pop-up to provide a shipping estimate. Our store received so many shipping questions we felt this was required and we also put a box on the front page of our store in an infobox.
8 years 38 weeks ago

Site Monitor is a security monitoring and reporting tool developed for osCommerce.Version 2.9 has been updated and modified for use with osCmax version 2.5Installation notes are included with the files or available in the osCmax wiki Site Monitor pages.

12 years 3 days ago

What does this contrib do?

Like the title says... cleans up the sloppy inputted words by customers on their registration, edit account etc. I also added a all lowercase for the email strings.

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