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    Good Afternoon,

    I'm trying to locate a template or templates that relate to outdoor gear. Our business is outdoor hiking, camping, fishing, self-reliance, survival, long-term foods, tactical gear, firearm accessories, parts, medical/first aid, security, law enforcement, ect. The only design that I've found that comes close is one for tools and equipment.

    I prefer something along the lines of Zegrahm Gear Shop or osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions .

    I would appreciate any referrals to templates that might fit the bill or to reliable and reasonable designers who can modify an existing oscommerce to work with osCMax.


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    Default Re: Templates

    It's not the template that dictates what the site is aimed at, it's the content. The style of the template is what is important not what products are used to promote it.
    Just like buying a house, do the furnishings sway you to purchase?
    That second example has nothing special about it and a seasoned CSS coder should be able to put together something very similar, in a short space of time.
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