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Thread: CSS features

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    Default CSS features

    Hi every one, Can any one tell me about CSS and its features...

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    CSS features

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    Default Re: CSS features

    There is a wealth of information on the internet: css · css · WPD · WebPlatform.org and w3schools might give you some idea.
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    Default Re: CSS features

    CSS 3 Rounded Corners

    Rounded corner elements can spruce up a website, but creating a rounded corner requires a designer to write a lot of code. Adjusting the height, width and positioning of these elements is a never-ending chore because any change in content can break them.

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    Default Re: CSS features

    I noticed that some CSS features, which are of great importance for some of my projects, are currently not supported in the Author Mode. They are CSS 2 standard, though, and supported by all standard browsers. Would it be possible to support them in one of the next versions?

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