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Thread: Incorrect prices

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    Default Incorrect prices

    Am trying to set my store's table rate shipping up. I thought I am doing to correctly, but it is coming up with incorrect prices.

    The info I am giving it is


    I am under the impression that if I set a weight to 450 (g) then it should set the price of shipping to £3, but it is setting it to £30.

    How do I change it to £3, £5 and £10?

    Table rate is currently the only active shipping method, and table rate method is set to weight (just to confirm that)

    EDIT: when looknig at osCommerce Knowledge Base: Table Rate Shipping in the diagram it says

    Module weight Unit
    what unit of weight does this shipping module use?
    *then there is a drop down box*

    On my admin area which is oscmax which I installed about 2 months ago, I dont have this box.

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    Default Re: Incorrect prices

    resolved on the osc forums

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