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Thread: Paypal problem

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    Default Paypal problem

    OK, yes ive read the sticky but it doesnt seem to have helped that or im thicker than a thick thing.

    Im at the testing in the sandbox stage and have created the false buyer and false shop email accounts and they work.

    Ive bought an item via the buyer email, and registered in the shop as a customer and completed checkout where im taken to the buyer sandbox and pay for the item. I go all the way through until i come to the box to click which states "Complete your order confirmation" and when i click on that i get

    "Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in C:\Domains\sandyscooters.com\wwwroot\catalog\inclu des\modules\payment\paypal_ipn.php on line 521"

    Ive tried the uncomment line 53 and comment line 69 in the /catalog/checkout_process.php but it makes no difference so ive changed them back.

    Thing is although there seems to be quite a few fixes listed on the sticky none seem to specifically mention the one above so im loathe (especially as a newbie) to go hacking about my files if im not sure about what im doing specifically.

    Therefore any help on pointing me in the right direction would be most helpful.


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    Default Re: Paypal problem

    Start with THIS Message. I had the same error. I addressed it in the sticky somewhere as part of the much needed overhaul of paypal_ipn as used in osCMax before it is released.
    The cheater way is to use my modded file. The commented out line that was discussed was related to encryption. If you turn off encryption ( you don't need it because any sensitive info is handled on PayPal's site ) it will work just hunky dory.
    I'll help if I can!
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    Default Re: Paypal problem

    I used your modded file mushroom and it seems to have done the job

    Top man!

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    Default Re: Paypal problem

    Indeed, the modded file Mushroom posted did the trick for me too.

    I have to admit that this time I haven't even bothered checking out what was broken, what/whre was the bug, on how to fix it. I just saw the "Fatal error: /paypal_ipn.php on line 521", saw a file that was supposed to fix it, tried it, and said "nice, it seems to work!"

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    Default Re: Paypal problem

    I tried the fix, and it worked for the first transaction. Then, when I went to retry today, same result.

    Any ideas? Obviously someone out there has the good fix....I have upgraded to RC3 so the Bug fix 157 should have already been resolved.

    AAArrrrggg.....I have done many searches on this topic, and it feels either confusing, or like I am running around in circles.

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