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Thread: Returning to site issue

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    Default Returning to site issue


    When returning to the shop from paypal I have set it up to go through 'checkout_process.php' but only a blank page shows up instead. The address is correct in the browser but it is still blank. I am not sure what to do about this as it should be passing through to 'checkout_success.php'.

    The funny thing is, is that the order comes through fine into admin and paypal collects the funds ok. The main issue here is that the customer would be uncertain as to whether or not they have been successful.

    Could this be an error in checkout_process or is this something anybody has come accross before? Im totally stuck.

    Thanks alot fore reading.


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    Returning to site issue

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    Default Re: Returning to site issue

    Read the sticky post at the top of this forum.

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