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Thread: paypal integration help

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    Default paypal integration help

    hi, i need help.

    - i have osCMax v2.0.3 installed and i set up a sandbox buyer (personal) and seller (business) account under my paypal id.
    - i also configured both accounts each with an active credit card, bank account and funding.
    - i selected the 'paypal website payments standard' with the following options:
    - enable paypal website payments standard = true
    - email address = seller account email address set up in the sandbox
    - payment zone = florida
    - set preparing order status = preparing [paypal standard]
    - set paypal acknowledge order status = processing
    - gateway server = sandbox
    - Transaction Method = Sale
    - Page Style = PayPal
    - Debug E-Mail Address = myemail real address
    - sort order of display = 1
    - enable encrypted web payments = false
    - your private key = empty
    - your public certificate = empty
    - paypals public certificate = empty
    - your paypal public certificate id = empty
    - working directory = empty
    - openssl location = /usr/bin/openssl

    Is there something I am missing, I go through the checkout and the sandbox window popups up prompting me to login, which i do as the buyer
    and then i get the general paypal welcome screen when you log in as a sandbox account user.

    I am not familiar with this any help is appreciated. i have a deadline in the next couple days aaaaahhhhh.

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    Default Re: paypal integration help

    wow never mind it appears to work now,
    but i have a couple questions for everyone.
    if my client sets up a paypal account is there something i have to do other than change the email info in the configuration ?
    should i have an ssl certificate ?
    any other security issues / setup i should do that is recommended ?


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    paypal integration help

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    Lightbulb Re: paypal integration help

    Note you posted in the wrong section, osC instead of 'Max 2.0.

    Nope, you're there.
    Setting up SSL does give customers more confidence in making a purchase though. This could be setup once the site is established and shown to be working.

    Refer to the wiki for security recommendations.


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