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Thread: paypal redirection problame

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    Default paypal redirection problame

    Can anyone advise how I can change the page people are redirected to after they have clicked on CONTINUE at the end of the checkout process?

    Currently they are being redirected to this page https://www.sandbox.paypal.com/check...r+Confirmation, but using https.... I need it to revert back to https://mydomain.com/checkout_success.php.

    if any problame checkout process then goes to https://mydomain.com/checkout_process.php.

    please urgent this anyone help me.

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    Default Re: paypal redirection problame

    Downloadable products or physical products

    If physical, i'm not sure but
    If downloadable products try go to paypal.com

    go to profile - selling preferences - make IPN set to ON - IPN URL to blank (delete all including http://.

    make sure Set preparing order status to Preparing (Paypal IPN); and

    Set PAypal acknowledged order status to Delivered.

    Try this if can solve your problem. Make sure backup first anything.


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