CE Phoenix v1.0.7.5

We celebrate the first birthday of Phoenix with the release of v1.0.7.5 focusing mainly on code improvements and bugfixes.
Updated Features

Refactored Admin MenuRefactored Grid Cards for product listsCustomer Data Modules can be turned off on create_account.
Easy Updates

Easy update zip and instructions are provided in the Phoenix Club for every minor and major update. Going from version to version could not be easier - you are supported by the Development Team and other Shopowners.
Phoenix needs you

Just as your business is dependent on Phoenix, Phoenix is dependent on you - please help us to keep Phoenix flying high and burning bright. One year today - thank you to everyone who helped Phoenix reach this milestone.
Have your say at the Phoenix Club

Help us make a better today by joining the Phoenix Club and be an active part of the Phoenix Community - we are stronger together.