CE Phoenix v1.0.4.0

This release introduces a number of improvements in the core code;

  • the foundations of an integrated Template Systemthis has been asked for many times over the years, now it's becoming reality...
  • more bootstrapping in adminwith more to come in future releases...
  • admin Boxes made 100% modular

To allow creators to more easily plug into the Phoenix architecture;

  • uprated admin Dashboard modules
  • uprated reviews star system
  • uprated hooks system, including Database loading of Hooks
  • Testimonials page is now fully modular
  • integrated usage of manufacturers class across modules

As well as;

  • removal of deprecated code, redundant pages, functions and featuresLeaner = Simpler = Faster

Thank you to all who made v1.0.4.0 a possibility - especially to Phoenix Club members who have given lots of advice and direction for the way forward. To support the next release, please join the Phoenix Club - supporters receive professionally coded modules once or twice a month, which are plug'n'play and will extend your shop in ways you never thought possible.