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Thread: Image path, where to change?

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    Default Image path, where to change?

    Hey guys, sorry its me again, since i'm new I do head alot of questions.

    this time i think it will be a simple one. i'm interested in separating the "product images" by manufacture like the sample structure of oscommerce when I do a standard install. Where do I do to change the path of the images of each individual product.

    thanks ahead of time!

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    you can read this it might help but, i've heard that it doesn't really work with ms2, give it a shot see if it works

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    Another way to do this is to use an ftp program to upload your images into the catalog/images/newfoldername directory on your server and then use the phpmyadmin panel to assign the image names to the products. I don't suggest that unless you know your way around the database, but that has been working best for me.

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