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Thread: (solve)selling photos or text file

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    Default (solve)selling photos or text file


    is this possible to sell photos or text file with oscdox?


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    Default RE: selling photos or text file

    Yes, osCMax enables you to sell downloadable items, as well as physical products.
    You can read about this in the osCDox Wiki.
    This link tells you about configuring Downloads in the Admin area of your site:

    You'll need to scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to get to the Download set-up info.

    osCMax is very powerful and versatile, thanks to the enhancements and hardwork that msasek and others have put into standard osCommerce. You'll find it should do everything you want - and a lot more too.

    Best thing to do is download and install a copy to truly understand its potential - and read the osCDox Wiki for guidance.

    Good luck

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    Default thanks

    thanks for your help!

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