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Thread: PWA IPN and Downloads - very defeated

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    Default PWA IPN and Downloads - very defeated

    I have put so much time and effort into my clients oscommerce shop and now he tells me that he wants visitors to be able to purchase without an account. So I installed PWA which installed perfectly and seemed wonderful until I tried to buy a downloadable item. When I clicked continue and return to merchant in paypal, the item I purchased was there but no download link.

    Isn't there someway to fix this. I have asked in the Oscommece.com forums and haven't gotten an answer. The client wants people who purchase the downloadable items (just about everything in the shop has a downloadable option) to just click a button and go straight to paypal - no sign in - no account no nothing and then after they pay they return and get their download. Is that even possible?

    I read somewhere in the forums that when you get to the checkout page and fill in your shipping info and go to paypal, the info is suppose to be transferred to paypal from oscommerce. Mine isn't doing this.

    One more question....At some point (trying to figure things out) I turned Auto Return on in Paypal. Is this necessary with IPN or should I turn it off? Thanks for any help. I am just so defeated. The site is


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    Default RE: PWA IPN and Downloads - very defeated

    Have you tried osCMax?

    Paypal is very problematic ....... if not done 110% correct.. (yes the 10% is a ESP thing - plain luck is needed).

    I don't use PayPal myself (I process all my own MC/Visa/AMEX offline-get me the most$$$ for the low volume of transaction in the long run)

    See the OSCMAX forums here on PAYPAL fixes....

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