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Thread: A little help needed

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    Default A little help needed

    I have been asked to design a site to the following brief

    Display companies full catalog of products.
    Allow company to update information.

    So far so good, but they do not want any product pricing to appear on the site.
    They are a wholesale company, and they want their customers to place speculative orders through the site, they will then ring the customer back with prices, the reason being that their product prices vary daily depending on stock levels, time of year, etc.

    How much coding would be necessary to remove all instances of pricing and payment? or could someone recommend a different product that would produce the same effect easier.

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    Default RE: A little help needed

    Not sure if this helps but you can turn off prices & buy now stuff in admin..
    or perhaps you could link to the clients database and update prices live (Although i'm not a guru dude!)
    I've tried several other open source ecommerce projects Xoops, Zen, etc. but this is just about the best of breed.
    I will admit that I'm still fumbling around in the dark but, 'survive' because of the great support here and for Osc in general.
    Kind regards
    Ps Fumblings available here http://www.crazygrow-hydroponic.com
    and: http://www.crazygrow.net/crazy

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