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Thread: Address Order

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    Default Address Order

    Great forum - learned so much!

    One question though (for now)

    I know how to change the order of the address so the postcode appears after the county/state but need to know on which files this needs to be done.

    Many thanks

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    Hey man, i do not have a full awnser for you, but the way i had figured it out back when i made this change was to load the files in a dreamweaver type program and just serch for anything with "post code" in it, i eventualy found the files. If i rember right there is two sections, one where you change the wording from posto code to zip code, and the second where you change the order. I think the order is stored under the includes file under the create_accont.php. the language file probaly has the name bit.

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    Many thanks for your reply

    Can anyone please confirm it's just the create_account file in languages and catalog that needs changing?

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    what you dont take my word for it ? lol. test it, make a back up of those two files and try it, im actualy 90% it was just two files, the language and one other i had to change.

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