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Thread: Site Map >?

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    Default Site Map >?

    This is very odd. I am getting a ?> on the top line of my site map page.

    I have opened up and looked at each of the pages that I have had to install and cannot for the life of me find where this ?> is coming from. Whats even more peculiar is that I have done exactly the same exercise on my test localhost server and get the exact same ?>.
    I understand that for every php opening tag there must be a closing tag however I have been through all the relevant pages that relate to this mod and can't find any extra ?> on any of the pages.

    The contribution I have used is this one:
    It works well but the top line ?> is proving to be very hard to pin down and fix.
    Has anybody else had this issue?

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    Default RE: Site Map >?

    Ok. I've sussed out the fault.
    It lies within the zip file catalog/includes/languages/english/sitemap.php
    I was concentrating on checking the code I had modified not the code that was actually pre-modified in the contribution.

    $Id: sitemap.php,v1.0 2004/05/10 hpdl Exp $

    osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

    Copyright © 2004 osCommerce

    Released under the GNU General Public License

    define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Site Map');
    define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Site Map');

    define('PAGE_ACCOUNT', 'My Account');
    define('PAGE_ACCOUNT_EDIT', 'Account Information');
    define('PAGE_ADDRESS_BOOK', 'Address Book');
    define('PAGE_ACCOUNT_HISTORY', 'Order History');
    define('PAGE_ACCOUNT_NOTIFICATIONS', 'Newsletter Subscriptions');
    define('PAGE_SHOPPING_CART', 'Shopping Cart');
    define('PAGE_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING', 'Checkout');
    define('PAGE_ADVANCED_SEARCH', 'Advanced Search');
    define('PAGE_PRODUCTS_NEW', 'New Products');
    define('PAGE_SPECIALS', 'Specials');
    define('PAGE_REVIEWS', 'Reviews');

    That second ?> was a bit of bugger to find but it all works ok now.




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