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Thread: 2 questions (STMP & text field under New products)

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    Default 2 questions (STMP & text field under New products)

    Yo ! Guys

    I have 2 questions, if sbd can halp me i will really approciate this

    1. I want to add some text on the fist page on my store. Exactly under the section "new products".Text sould be placed between rignt and left colum.
    Any suggestions which file should I edit?

    (I tried with header.php and footer.php no luck)

    2.I have some problems sending emails from my store. I've checked the settings in Configuration" section into admin part. I am on Linux server and have sendmail and LF.

    (I remembered that there were some settings in php.ini file about the SMTP server)

    Do you think SMTP can be the problem?

    I'll be wating to hear from you soon!

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    Default RE: 2 questions (STMP & text field under New products)

    1. In catalog/index.php. look for
    <!-- <?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS); ?> -->
    (that's the new products section)

    2. (An) answer found elsewhere
    1. If you are on a Linux server and having problems with getting smtp to work, then use 'sendmail' and choose 'lf' as your transport method.
    2. Make sure that you have the ability with your hosting company to send outgoing e-mails set in your hosting control panel.

    More and more companies are blocking 'relayed' incoming mail on Port 25, and this may be why your e-mails are not reaching their intended recipients. If your outgoing mail from osCommerce is beign sent via your own e-mail system (mail.yourdomain.com or smtp.yourdomain.com) then e-mails should get through. If your hosting company only provides mail routed through their e-mail account and aliased to your domain, then it will get blocked as 'relayed' traffic from Port 25.

    You can get exactly the same problem when sending mail from your e-mail client on your own computer. For instance, if your outgoing mail setting in your e-mail account is either smtp or pop followed by .yourisp.com, then the e-mail for that website of yours is being 'relayed' over your ISP's e-mail service. If however your outgoing e-mail setting is for mail or smtp followed by .yourdomain.com then your mail should get through.

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    Default RE: 2 questions (STMP & text field under New products)

    Hey Winterchiled, thanks ! I do appriciate your help!

    I've set the settings in administration part for sending mails, "sendmail" and "lf". I am not quite sure about the settings in the hosting provider. I am gona to check this!

    I have heart that in php.ini file there are some additional settings for the SMTP. I don't know if these settings are setup properly in the my host end! Do you know what they can be those specific settings for php.ini?

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