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Thread: Static/Dynamic properties/fields

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    Default Static/Dynamic properties/fields

    Hi folks, firstly let me say I'm pretty new at OSC, but I've got an interesting problem for you all.

    Now, I am setting up a site that sells things in frames.. Now, some times the frames are fixed size (and I guess this could go in the description) and other times the size is user selectable so to speak.

    Any idea what the best way to handle this is? I've looked in the contrib area and found out how to add fields, so could add a width/height field there, and have found the contrib on static attributes that looks like it might do the job too, but what is best? Any ideas please?

    Thanks folks.


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    Static/Dynamic properties/fields

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    Default RE: Static/Dynamic properties/fields

    Why not just add an attribute to the product that has user selectable frames?


    Product-X $5.00

    Selectable frame sizes 5x7 +$5.00 , 8x10 +$8.00, 11x14 + $10.00

    Just go to the product attributes and create the Product option with the above values. Attach it to the product. Done.

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    Default RE: Static/Dynamic properties/fields

    Thanks Michael,

    that's exactly what I'll do for the ones that have variable sizes that the user can sellect.

    My problem is that some of the items have a fixed size and the client has no choice in the matter. For these ones, what I want to do is show the fixed size and hide the attribute (if that makes sence). Seems to me that in this case I need a property not an attribute.

    Any ideas how I can have both of these situations working together?



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    attributes are what you want.

    Make a category called let's say 'frame size' of type 'radio button'

    then make an attribute, say '5x7' of type frame size' and another '10x14' of type 'frame size'.

    Then go to your attributes manager, select the product you want to have attributes for, select the attributes, set the prices, and there ya go!

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    If you want to see a bunch of the features in action, take a look at this product on my site. It has a bunch of features on it.

    Prism Prophecy

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    OK, so it seems that attributes are the answer, now the problem I have is that I'm using the basic OSC package (and looks like that might have been a mistake) but there is no mention of attribute types. I've looked on contributions for radio button and attribute type, but can't find anything. Any hint as to where this is?



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    Option Type Feature v1.6
    New Attribute Manager 4b

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    Thanks for this. I managed to get Option Type Feature installed OK, but I'm having some problems with New Attribute Manager (or atleast the add_check part of it anyway). The lines to edit don't seem to be in the files so not sure about this one.

    Anyway, another question for you. If I have a heap of options (and I mean a heap) that I want the client to check, but have no impact on the cost, what's the best way to handle these. Attributes seems to be overkill here and would be a real pain to setup each one with a zero value for hundreds of products. Is there a better way. I just want the order to show the selections basically.



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