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Thread: Paypal orders status = pending

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    Default Paypal orders status = pending

    I am trying to setup my store, everything its great but the paypal module.

    the problem that I get after tweaking many things is that all my paypal orders get the pending status, eventhough if I hit continue after paying with paypal.

    I have enabled two payment modules money order and paypal, the money orders also get into pending but this orders will have the name, the address and the product bought.

    I do get an email from the store that tells me that the paypal ipn has been received and posted and also i get the debug.

    so the store receives the ipn notification but for some reason does not update the database . I get the debug and it looks fine it should pass all the conditions in ipn.php as i verified each one.

    for the paypal module i have tried with all the possible configurations, Get , Post, None, and I always get the same.

    I think that the problem could be in ipn.php but I am not an expert php programmer and for what i know it looks good.

    So what Can I do?

    I would really aprecciate some help.

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    Default RE: Paypal orders status = pending

    Now looking at my database it does get some data into the database. on the table paypal_ipn are all the orders with the first name and last name but no address.

    and on the field of pending reason the value is 0
    wich it does not exist in the pending reasons table. I am now looking what file makes the action of putting this reason.

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    Default all paypal orders go to pending status

    I just installed Osc Max ,

    and made a few orders through paypal, all this orders apear as pending.

    I finished the paypal transaction with continue so it came back to the site.

    what can it be the problem?

    thank you.

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