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Thread: How do I install gd?, To make Automatic thumbnails...

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    Default How do I install gd?, To make Automatic thumbnails...

    How do I install gdlib? I have PHP Version 4.3.9... I need GD for the contribution, Automatic Thumbnail (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/...rch,thumbnails)

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    Do you have access via SSH to the box? Are you using Linux as the OS? Are you running plesk or cpanel or ensim? Do you want gdlib compiled into PHP or installed using gdlib.so ?

    You may be able to use YUM "yellowdog updater modified". It is a linux based package updater/installer. Information on it is here, http://linux.duke.edu/projects/yum/ . The great thing about YUM is that it takes into consideration all of the dependencies of the package your installing and if something else is needed, it updates that too.

    If you are running Linux Red hat or a Fedora core 1 you most likely already have yum installed, if not get it at the above mentioned URL. The php package for gdlib on most *nix variants is called php4-gd but if your running fedora core its sumply called php-gd, so if your running Linuc Fedora Core simply SSH into your box, and type:

    yum install php-gd
    Hope this helps, and if your not comfortable doing this on your box yourself, please contact us for such services. Otherwise, if you are on a shared hosting server, you will need to ask your hosting company to recompile PHP with -gd support.

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    I use a server on my own computer, IIS, Windows Xp.

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    First let me say i dont recommend anyone run a webserver using IIS and windows specifically. PHP in my experience is super buggy on windows machines. I realize that this may be personal preference and that my opinion may be some what biased.

    Having said that you can imagine my experience on windows based webservers is limited. You will want to recompile PHP with the -gd tag is all i can tell you. Sorry to not be more help.

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    Ok, thanks anyway!!

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