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Thread: shopping cart empty error

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    Default shopping cart empty error

    Hi guys,

    Just noticed a weird error and wonder if anyone can help? As a Guest - removing an item from my cart (so the cart becomes empty) I get the "Your Shopping Cart is empty!" message which is correct. However if I'm logged on and do the same thing - instead of the "Your Shopping Cart is empty!" message I just get the Shopping Cart with nothing in it - with Update, Checkout, Continue Shopping buttons and all the headers (remove, description, quantity, total).

    I can proceed to checkout (even though my cart is empty) and everything. Anyone got any ideas? Is it a session/login problem? As I say this only happens when I am logged on. If I'm a guest it's fine.

    many thanks


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    shopping cart empty error

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    Default RE: shopping cart empty error

    Check your sessions settings in tha admin. Also, have you edited any files?

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