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Thread: Help! How do we Modify Admin & Cust. Order Welcome Email

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    Default Help! How do we Modify Admin & Cust. Order Welcome Email

    Many people have asked this question, but I havent seen a good answer...

    How do you modify the Order Process email that is sent when a customer places an order?

    - I would like to change the email subject from "Order Process" to "Thank you for your Order!"
    - I would like to add a generic thank you message at the top of the email message.
    - I would like to move the customer comments to the bottom of the email.

    The above link is the only info I have found, but I doesnt make much sense to me. Could someone post a real example of a modified email or give a better explanation. That way we can see how it is accomplished.

    Any advice would greatly be appreciated,

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    Help! How do we Modify Admin & Cust. Order Welcome Email

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    Default RE: Help! How do we Modify Admin & Cust. Order Welcome E

    Ok, good question on this subject. When a customer signs up for a new account and adds email and password, is there a way to add this information to the Welcome email?

    Such as:

    ******************SAVE THIS ********************
    Your userid: theirname@email.com
    Your Password: passwordtheypicked88

    You can login here: http://www.mystore.com/store/login.php

    Any help on this would be valued!

    Thanks everyone!


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    We just uploaded a contribution to Osc, is there a place to upload contributions here??


    This contribution gives your customers an email that they can save or print so they can remember the email address they used to signup at your store and the password. In addition, there is also a note added to the welcome email that let's customers know that if they UNCHECKED the newsletter box, they will not receive emails after order is placed. We found customers sometimes get mad thinking they have signed up for a newsletter when in fact this is the normal ordering process. Here is what they will see:

    ****SAVE or PRINT THIS EMAIL*******

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