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Thread: CSS Properties?

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    Default CSS Properties?

    Using CSS (and the CSS Theme), I'm trying to change the background heading color for the boxes:
    Categories, Specials for <MONTH>, and New Products for <MONTH>

    I have read http://oscdox.com/modules.php?op=mod...alogStylesheet.

    I have modified the file stylesheet-css.css and have successfully changed the other InfoBoxes heading colors via .infoBoxHeadingCSS

    However, I cannot seem to find where to change the background color for the others.

    Thanks for the help!

    Wayne P.

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    Default same problem (kind of)

    I have the same problem except i cant change the text colour on these "special" or "whats new" bar. I have been hours with this ccs sheet.Any ideas how i change them?

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    Default RE: same problem (kind of)

    you will have to create a new class for the boxes you wish to change properties off,


    change the existing class, pass another parameter which tells the class that this is a unique box(es) and change the css then in the class according. In this case, you will have to modify each file under boxes/ to make sure same number of arugements are being passed

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    Default RE: same problem (kind of)

    I have been working on the same problem for weeks. I just need to change the lettering from black to white. I have changed everything I know in the stylesheets. Did you find an answer?

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    Default RE: same problem (kind of)

    If by letterering from black to white you mean to change the font color of headings, it is defined in the stylesheet. Visit www.oscommerce.info and read the article which deals with stylesheet.

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    Default RE: same problem (kind of)

    Has any body actually figured out which part of the CSS relates to the Special and Whats New bar.
    Tried looking here but it didn't help identify the specific part of the CSS that relates to Specials ann New Products.
    All I want is Black text ona yellow bar. The yellow bar works fine but the text refuse to change from white to black.
    White on yellow is to light. Any suggestions please.

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