I'm looking for a way to add support for email autoresponders in osCommerce. I use an outside autoresponder system to automatically send follow-up email to my customers, and it would be great to be able to integrate it with osCommerce in the following way:

1) Add a field for each new product & new product category called "autoresponder" or something like that. You would enter the email address of the autoresponder for that product or category there.

2) Any time someone purchased either that product or something from that category, it would automatically send a generic email with the customer's email address in the "from" field & "subscribe" in the subject line to the autoresponder address that was entered when the product was setup.

3) If someone buys 5 different products, 5 separate emails get sent to the 5 different autoresponders to subscribe that customer specifically to those lists - automatically.

How could this be done?