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Thread: Paypal IPN

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    Default Paypal IPN

    I set up the PayPal IPN module because I was tired of customers not clicking the link at the end of the transaction to send back info about their order. Most PayPal orders are going through properly however I'm getting a lot of pending orders for customers who have chosen to pay by paypal. I don't think all of these people could just be changing their mind before completing. Do you think there could be a problem with the way I've set up the IPN on my site or with PayPal so that it does not automatically complete?
    If this has already been answered (I've searched but couldn't find anything) please point me in the right direction. Otherwise I'd be very grateful for any advice.


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    Which version are you using?


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    Default Paypal IPN

    Should "Using PayPal Auto-Return" be set to on when using the Paypal IPN ? I'm to having some problems with receiving emails and getting orders posted to the site.
    Any help would be much appreciated !!

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    What you need to be looking for is not Auto-Return, but the "Instant Payment Notification Preferences" setting. Select this and set
    Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to "ON", and Instant Payment Notification (IPN) URL: to https://securewebaddress$/$catalog$/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php with the appropriate paths filled in.

    Note that these settings work with the "osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2" contribution created and maintained by the
    OS team.

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    Any idea what url it should be for MAX 1.7?

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    Read the paypal IPN thread here or read the docs included with IPN v1.7 module.


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    Thanks for all your help.

    Since the original post I've upgraded to Max 1.7 but I've not managed to get this working correctly. Payments are going through but nothing is sent back to the cart so it looks like a lot of empty orders.

    Here's what I have set up:
    On PayPal's site the IPN is enabled and I've added a return URL to the ipn.php page (wasn't working without it so I thought it was worth a try).

    On my side I have Force Cookie Usage set to false and Recreate Session set to true.

    In the PayPal module set up I have Shopping Cart Method set at 2.
    Using PayPal Autoreturn is currently false (not sure if that's right or not).
    Return URL behaviour is POST

    I've read the posts on the forum but I'm still not sure whether I should be using the return URL or not and if so should Autoreturn be set to true in the PayPal module. I've obviously set something up wrong. Can anyone can give me any tips on what I've done wrong or any settings I need to check? Thanks in advance.

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    Strange things are now happening. One order has come through normally by PayPal while the rest are still coming back blank. The usual IPN information is missing though such as PayPal Customer Registration Details and PayPal IPN Transaction Details. The customer's name and postal and billing addresses are present as well as the products. (These details have also gone AWOL on old orders from my original OSCommerce installation but I assumed it just wasn't copied over when I installed max) Could it be that something in my database is messed up and is preventing info being stored?

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