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Thread: Echo Payment Module - Help Wanted!!

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    Default Echo Payment Module - Help Wanted!!

    I have successfully installed MAX1.7 version of OSC, everything works great with exception of one thing. I have tried installing a payment module provided by Echoinc.com to process credit card payments (version 1.7.3). The module works great, communicates with the server and processes transactions, however, when I try to click on "ECHO PROCESSING" link located under "CUSTOMERS" in administrative panel for OSC, I receive "Access Denied" and am redirected to the "/admin/forbiden.php"

    My host is running UNIX, with PHP 4.3.X, all other features in OSC work. If anyone else has dealt with this issue and has gotten this to work, please post your reply in this topic.

    Thanks in advance.

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    you need to add the file (whatever file is linked by the echo processing link) to the permitted files for the user. so go to the admin panel:

    administrator->file access->customers and then select the file from the dropdown list.


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    Thank you very much! This turned out to be easier than I thought!

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    I saw some info earlier today on Echo while I was looking for info on payment processing services. Would anyone care to comment on how well seamless of a checkout process this mod offers for the customer?

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    I've used Echo for a year and their processing gateway for the last two months. It's great. Works like a charm and there's no additional cost for the gateway with the plan I have. By the way, I am not affiliated in any way with them.

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