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Thread: Session ID

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    Default Session ID

    I have two store fronts that share the same database. For some reason one of my store fronts displays the SID after the url while the other one does not. How do I enable SID or get it to work in the storefront that does not display it?

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    Try this one, on the cart that has no sessionid, go to the admin panel, then select Configuration, click on Session, check if the "Force Cookie Use" is set to Enabled, Edit it and set it to Disabled, reason for this is that the session gets recorded on a cookie that will remove the session id from the url, however, I was just thinking that if these two stores are using the same database, there might be some conflict if your stores are set to use mysql to store sessions, just not quite sure and haven't test this yet. Please let us know if it will work... thanks

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    Thanks for the replay wenzlerpaul. I have messed around with the Force Cookie Use and it is set to disable so I do not think that is the problem. I think it may be a conflict too since I don't think it's in the code. I made the (html_output.php function file which has the tep_href_link function) the same on both store fronts. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? I have figure how to merge the shopping carts together but not how to keep the user logged in when switching between stores. The oscID= has to be present in all links for the user to be able to switch between store fronts without having to log in multiple times.

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    Can you post the url of the site so that we could see, also, I am looking over the possibility of session conflict as you mentioned, I think you may have to issue a session start on each of the header on the store front you have, or better yet, since the session is issued by the application_top.php, why don't you try having both store use a single application_top.php, this way, all parameters of the session can be passed and the tep_href_link will absorb whatever session is passed to and from, I am still not quite sure but this is the closest I could think of.

    Please let us know if it works so it benefits us all.

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