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Thread: Shopping cart deleted w/ new customer signup

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    Solved that problem.. .one left?

    ok after a week of driving me nuts... i backed up my db and all my data and reinstalled, i planned on reuploading each modified file one at a time till i found what wasn't working, well everything worked fine I'm assuming I had a bad install? maybe a wrong path when I was entering in my info? or wsftp missing some files on upload?... but it all seems to be working now...

    thanks everyone for their help/advice!!!!!!

    now the only problem i seem to have is on many pages in internet explorer it seems to ask me if i want to display secure & unsecure data... how do i turn that off?

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    You probably have an absolute path to images on that page. Once the page loads, try right-clicking on each image and checking the path... if you see one that uses the http protocol instead of the https protocol, that image probably is not using a relative path in your html code, but an absolute path that includes the "http://" protocol in the src attribute. Hence the "unsecure items" warning.

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