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Thread: Main body text size/size of search box/adding img to footer

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    Default Main body text size/size of search box/adding img to footer

    I would like to make a universal change to the size of my body text, but don't see where in the CSS that I should change it. I'd rather not have to make changes to each individual page if I can help it!

    Also, I'm trying to increase the size of my search box. I edited search.php (maxlength=50, box_width-50). Is there someplace else that I need to edit?

    Finally, I would like to add some images to my footer, but I'm not having any luck. Through trial and error, I have attempted many different locations to add these images, but so far, nothing has worked. I'm not really sure where I'm supposed to be inserting these images so they'll show up.

    Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Never mind. I've discovered what I needed.

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