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Thread: Added then lost my header background image! How

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    Default Added then lost my header background image! How

    Hi all, i have recently installed my oscommerce 2.2max site. i am currently setting it up and would like a little help please. I am trying to add a background image to the header. I got it to work after a long time as i realised it had to be added to the css, stylesheet.php file. I added background="oscommerce1.gif" which is the name of my header pic to the appropriate area.

    It worked great for a while but then i was trying to install security login to admin section and replaced the neccessary files and updated sql database with phpmyadmin as requested in the instructions. I only now read that the login comes automatcally with ms2 max? did i just have to activate it ? if so where?

    Anyway the login did not work, so i deleted its files to try again later. i also replaced the header.php and application_top.php to their original files.

    All of a sudden no background image on my main page!!

    The entry which i originally made to stylesheet.php is still there, so i do not understand. There is no background colour set in header.php by the looks of things.

    As you can tell i am a very confused beginner and would greatly appreciate your ideas. hereh is the address so you can check it out http://www.digimarksystems.com.au/catalog/index.php



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    Sorry, i think i put this in the wrong forum due to my confusion over the version i have installed. I will move it!

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    I posted a reply to your other post, please read it. OSC max is based on the BTS template system. Most of the things you will want to do to edit it are done from /templtes/main_page.tpl.php

    For what a good mod looks like
    check out our latest at http://dev.hyperactivehosting.com/eventfully

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