The story: Well, the site I'm currently working on sells aquarium accessories
to customers at near-wholesale. Although the listing works perfectly, I
want to put a strike-through "List Price" category next to the "Price"
category (Which I also want changed to "Our Price" and In Bold, Red #'s).
Additionally, I was looking to put the model # under the picture.

What I discovered: In the folder product_listing.php, I included the script:

$lc_align = 'right';

modeled after the price tag:

$lc_align = 'right';

what I need to find is what file TABLE_HEADING_PRICE links to and where 'PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE' recides. This way, I could create a similar file or tag that would give me my second category. In total, I've spent about 5 hours on this topic, following the source form file to file. I made a number of changes, but none of them worked. I also tried the edit the "categories.php" in the Admin section to allow me to put down the list price when I submit a prodict. Although nothing was near successful, I realized that, if this may be of any help to you, that "list price" would follow more the pattern of "Product Name" or "Model", due to the fact that the price has to go through multiple calculations (like tax) and effects the item in checkout. As for the layout hack, I've tried everything, but can't keep it error free. Well, I hope someone can halp, and thanks for reading