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Thread: 2CO Orders Never Show Up in OSCommerce System

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    Default 2CO Orders Never Show Up in OSCommerce System

    Hi, I'm having a hard time setting up my OSCommerce site to receive completed orders after customers check out using 2CheckOut. I've resorted to working with the auto-return feature of 2CheckOut turned OFF which then displays the "Finalize My Order" button on the last page of the 2CO checkout process. But I've been testing it and even though I click this button and am properly returned to my original site, the orders never show up in my system. The purchase shows up on 2CO's end and 2CO emails me the receipt but I need to know what the customer bought... and the order never shows up in my own OSCommerce system.

    I first tried it with the auto-return ON and now I'm trying it with the auto-return OFF and neither seems to work.

    I also use PayPal and while I have PayPal set to use auto-return... it doesn't work. My return page is fine, it works when I click the button but I've set up my PayPal Merchant account to return the visitor to my site automatically but it doesn't do it. I think that's probably an issue I'll have to take up with PayPal though.

    However- when I do click the button to "Return to Merchant" on the final PayPal checkout page, the order IS sent to my OSCommerce site.

    I don't know where to start with troubleshooting this. I'd really appreciate any help with it. Thanks!

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    I too am having same problem using osc with 2checkout.com. Everything seems fine except for the name of the products for which I have received order. Not even osc seems to mark sale, which disables me to see the orders summary over admin. Please notify me if you are able to figure it out. I'll also let you know if I am quicker than you.

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