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Thread: Explain "quantity" number with added text?

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    Default Explain "quantity" number with added text?

    Hi y'all ... this is a first communication with this wonderful forum!

    I have struggled and solved many modifications thanks to y'all and what you've posted here.

    I have, however, failed to find a word on what seems should be an easy mod:

    how can I add a description to the Quantity value in the Product Listing?

    e.g., "Quantity:" n
    or n "items remaining"

    where n is the number supplied by turning the Display Quantity flag to 1 in the Admin control.

    I would appreciate as little as a point in the right direction; I have spent the entire day going through every single PHP file looking for something that would allow this little add.

    Thanks bunches in advance

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    I do not quite understand what it is exactly that your asking. If you could elaborate maybe i could be of some help.

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    Hi ... and apologies for not being clear! (But thanks so much for replying!)

    OK, I have set

    Admin/Configuration/Product Listing/Display Product Quantity

    to display quantity available - which OSC does like a champ!

    The problem is, the raw number is all that a customer sees. I'd like to concat that with a phrase like "Quantity Available:" so that it isn't so cryptic.

    I would like you to take a look at any catalog listing on my site, if you would be so kind. I believe that will show this most clearly:


    I appreciate the help immensely, and I look forward to your reply,


    P.S. I've just made zero-quantity items active, and I don't find any "out of stock" messages Maybe you might know how to straighten that out too?
    Oh, also: I actually have MS2-MAX, hosted by others...

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