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Thread: Newbie: Product attributes and file renaming

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    Default Newbie: Product attributes and file renaming

    1. How do I change the Product Attributes on the product page to show:
    1.5kg - $15.00
    3.0kg - $28.00
    instead of the 3.0kg - +13.00 now.

    2. How do I change the main default.php into index.php and not mess up the links which point to it now? my host doesn't recognise default so doesn't point to the right file when using http://www.host.com/catalog/[/list]

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    To change prices for attributes, find the product with the attribute, click on edit, and change the price,

    the "+" or "-" indicates how much of a change from the regular price.

    example if the regular price is $10.00

    and on of your attributes is set to: + $5.00

    the attribute price will then be $15.00

    as for changing the default.php to index.php

    Read this link

    In the future also perform a search on your topic.
    be sure to also read:

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    Thanks backdraft.

    For the attributes, I understand how it works on the backend. the +5.00 would add that amount to the current standard price. However, is it possible to display it as the absolute amount itself for the customer. If the price was $10.00, the attribute would display:
    size: 1.5kg $15.00
    instead of the increased amount such as
    size: 1.5kg +5.00

    I did try searching for the product attribute query but did not seem to find anything similar.

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