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Thread: Adding a new field (checkout)

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    Default Adding a new field (checkout)

    I'm trying to add a generic selection of 4 radio buttons on teh checkout page. Basically its just a small info field that has to do with what do do if the item is out of stock.

    Adding the buttons is no prob. What I need to know is what else must be done to get that info to pass on the the invoice. Also have this a user preference. IE chose one that will stick with that user.

    Im assuming that I need to make a new field in the db for this then call it. Is there any documentation for all the things I need to touch in order for this to work. Seems like it would be a pretty easy thing.


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    I would think it would take a bit to add....

    First of all the option would have to be stored in some where in the database depending where you want to keep it - like the order or order_status table ... like append a field called somthing like backorder_status of int(1) and is not null.

    Then add this variable into all nessary files and sql quiry.

    Something along that line is:

    Additional Shipping Options for Table Module

    Not sure if this is what your thinking - but might be able to be modifed to work with a backorder option.....

    And if your dealing with alot of back orders then you might want to also look at:

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