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Thread: Change postcode to zip code?

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    Default Change postcode to zip code?

    Hello everyone, first timer all around here. First message, first osc install. I have a simple request (and I mean simple), but I wasn't able to find it in a search, or by looking at the old forum. I'm sure it's around, but darned if I can find it (and I'm not smart enough to figure it out yet).

    I simply want to change the words post code to Zip Code. I looked a thread that had a link to a contribution that showed how to make the whole new customer experience more "American", but when I downloaded it, it's a text document and it's all stuck together in 1 long run on paragraph, no way of which someone of my level could feel comfortable doing since I know 1 space in the wrong place could make things not work.

    So, I just want to change the text on the input box, that's all. I don't mind if it shows up on anything else.



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    Welcome to OSC and to this fourm!

    First of all it, this file is more than likely a unix style text file. ANYTHING from MS will not handle UNIX style text very well (on purpose). Windows text files uses 2 charaters to note a end of line - Unix uses only ONE. Also MS editors tend to ADD extra lines at the end of a file - php does not handle blank lines at the end of the file - causes PARSE errors....

    Use a REAL text editor like NoteTab (freeware) or Ultra Edit or any HTML text editor (they all handle unix style files very well). Even Dreamweaver's editor is good for this (it also has a file search feature? I think).

    Also on Windows "Search" for files "that contain" - It TOTALLY ignores php files..... I know you have to manual add this "file extention" into XP as a "text" file - just can't remember off the top of my head where. I use Agent Ransack (also freeware) which seams to be faster and better - and is much more powerful (if you want a conditonal search-which I do ALOT of). It adds a "right click" menu option when browsing directories - no need to go to the "Start-Programs" menu to start the program. Handy!

    Okay that aside.

    After you download/install a real editor.... (see notes above) or use OSC online file manager/editor (in the Admin tools)....

    What you want to edit is catalog/includes/languages/english.php

    Look for and change:

    define('ENTRY_POST_CODE', 'Post Code:');


    define('ENTRY_POST_CODE', 'Zip Code:');

    Good Luck!

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    SUPER! Thanks so much. Exactly what I was looking for. I've been working with OSC for about 2-3 weeks now and it's simply amazing! I love working with it. Of course, this has taken me down a path of wanting to learn php!

    I've got webshell that allows me to edit, along with Dreamweaver MX 2004. So I'm good to go on those fronts. Now, it's just a matter of learning all I can and trying not to ask tooooo stupid of a question!

    These searches are brutal on all the OSC stuff. Too many topics come up a lot of the time to go through them all.

    I look forward to learning from everyone here and hopefully, I'll be able to pass on a little from time to time.

    Thanks again for the help and the warm welcome.


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