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Thread: Infobox text color help

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    Default Infobox text color help

    Hi everyone!
    I am in a fix. i have the background of the info boxes as black and the color of the rest of the page is white. if I color the text of info boxes black it doesnt show up and if use a lighter color then the test on the page doesnt show up.

    is there any way to fix this i.e. have different colored text in info boxes and the rest of the page.
    appreciate your response


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    Infobox text color help

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    Create a new stylesheet class in stylessheet.css and use it instead of infoBoxContents. For example:

    .infoBoxColor {
      background: #F8E2AF;
      color: #339966;
    Now, just replace the stylesheet tags that you want to display a different color with

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    Default infoBox Color vs. tableBox Color

    Whew! I found this ld post waaay down on page 28. It's been two hours of reading!

    When I change the stylesheet.css text colors, and link colors for the infoBox styles, the two boxes I have out in the "STAGE" of osCommerce take that style too. The two boxes out there aren't really infoBoxes, they are "New Products" and a Contribution called "X-Sell" (or Cross sell, or We Also Recommend). These boxes are not in the side columns, they are under products in the center of the shop and under the main page text of index.php.

    How do I set a style to be used by ONLY these two boxes?
    I tried editing this but it is so very different from the [/includes/boxes/] stuff.


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