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Thread: anyone using Salemaker contribution?

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    Default anyone using Salemaker contribution?

    Anyone know if Price Maker from this link (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/...rch,sale+maker) can be installed on mx 1.0? If yes, has anyone tried installing this on any of the oscdox versions?

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    Default Salemaker

    Salemaker is a great contribution but there is not much talk about it in these forums. Seems whenever it is brought up, there is never a response, not really sure why. We used the contrib for two years in osc ms2 and will get it working in max shortly, will post it when we do.

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    Default RE: Salemaker

    There is not much talk about many other contributions as MAYBE not a whole lot of people that want/use it. The discription on OSC does not say much about this contribution as well as I have not lookin to this one and know nothing about it (like I bet many people here are in the same boat).

    We can not know or use every single contrubution out there - thus many time people will not respond to a topic that does not appeal to them or they don't have anything to contribute. (Thus the lack of people responding to certain threads)

    YES anything made for OSC MS2 can be "manually" added into MAX - as long as there is no conflicks with other addon already there.

    Having said that - gamefreak7 - when your done - POST it here - and we encurage anyone who added in a contribution into MAX to UPLOAD (in zip format) any changed files with the orginal information files/manual or notes you have made.

    Good Luck

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    Default Salemaker

    We are in the test phase now. My purpose of posing this question to the forum was not to draw critism from a moderator about the lack of use by others...or a lecture.

    We have successfully used this mod on our ms2 stores for 8 years now (at two stores) and frankly, I believe stores lose a competitive edge without it...or a similar incentive such as a membership discount, etc.

    When it is successfully implemented, I will pose the stats here...but please, avoid talking down to a veteran osc user, it thwarts the very reason this forum exists....to encourage oscmax usage and communications about usage. (ok...now you got me lecturing haha~!)

    thanks again.

    Would like to hear from any max2 users who have successfully implemented this to a cart!!

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