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Thread: Paypal IPN 1.7

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    Default Paypal IPN 1.7

    I thought i seen this problem here before. I have paypal IPN 1.7 installed. When i make a purchase, I receive the money, I receive an email from paypal about the order, But I do not receive anything in my administration. I have paypal ipn showing in my admin., but no order. Somebody please help. I thought I was finished.

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    not exactly that problem. I wasn't getting anything on the admin side. There is a thread here somewhere, but I'm not sure anyone had that specific problem?
    here's a link to the thread, there might be something usefull there:

    There is also a very long thread at oscommerce.com on this subject, I think it's up to 68 pages now!

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    I beleive my problem was when I did the override to admin sessions. If anyone would be so kind as to post or send me a copy of a modified working catalog/includes/application_top.php for 1.7 ipn, and also the catalog/ipn.php

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