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Thread: My customers can't create accounts.

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    Default My customers can't create accounts.

    I'm a newbie, and am having a few difficulties with OS Commerce. The installation went well, and I've been adding products to the catalog with no problems whatsoever. However, I have tried for the last 2 days to go to the catalog as a customer and create an account, just to test and see if it was working properly before I actually made it available for my customers to purchase my products. When you go to the main page and click the create a new account link, it returns a "cannot find server" error, saying the page is currently unavailable. It links to /catalog/create_account.php, and the file is there on the server. However, it's not coming up for the customer to be able to actually create an account.

    Also, if you go in as a guest and place items in the cart, sometimes they show up, and sometimes they don't. Other times, they show up, and then they disappear when you add other products to the cart.

    Now, I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination. The tech support people at my web host suggested I use OS Commerce to build my online store, so I did. What I've seen of it appears to be a beautifully built system. But, I'm lost! Can somebody PLEASE help me figure this out?

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    Default Same problem...

    Hey... I've been having the exact same problem, and all I've managed to figure out so far is this: I can see the main pages and the catalog pages, which are all under http://etc.etc, but I can't get to the login/create_account pages because then it switches to https://etc.etc (note the S...)

    So that's where I am as well, but I haven't made any progress besides that.

    Hope this at least begins to help.

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    Default Figured more out...

    So I went into catalog/includes/configure.php and changed this

    define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://mysite.com');

    to just this:

    define('HTTPS_SERVER', ''); (with two empty single quotes. I just took out the domain.)

    So now I can at least navigate and get to the pages, although I don't think it's in 'secure' mode at this point. Anyway, it's a little bit of progress...

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    Well, since I need my customers to use credit cards, I need the https:// to work. I was advised to find out my os info and somebody would be able to help me. I've posted that already, and still no help.

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