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Thread: SSL/Certificate question

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    Default SSL/Certificate question

    Hi guys.
    I have OSC running on my site as an online CD store for our products (and i want to thank the makers of OSC for enabling me to do so).
    I have followed all the instructions, and after lots of tries, i finally was able to secure the site (SSL).
    Now, this may be a common problem (and i apologize if it is), but whenever someone tries to enter my site, he gets a warning that the name on the security certificate does not math the name of the site.
    You can see for yourselves: https://miorecords.com/osCommerce/catalog/
    Any idea what causes it and how i can fix it? I got no help from my site's host.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Simple, your website name does not correspond to the site name on the certificate. I suspect you are hosting it, with a shared ssl certificate. The site name on the cerficiate is .secure.powweb.com.
    However, I'm not sure how to set oscommerce to use a shared cerfiticate.

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