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Thread: title page wont resize

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    Default title page wont resize

    I am building a site using Oscommerce 2.2 MS2

    I built the site in 1024x768 and when i tested it it seemed fine. In 800x600 all the pages seemed fine except for the first page.

    I edited the introduction text, adding two images.

    In 800x600 this has scrollbars but when i select a category it resizes fine.Click back & I have scrollbars again.

    I checked the code and all tables have percentage values for the widths.

    Has anybody any advice?

    www.babyboo.ie/catalog/ is the site

    please help!


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    I'm having the same exact issue....any takers on this one???

    URL http://www.thecandlehouse.com

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    It looks like cosgrove80's fixed his/her site but B Rockin, the reason yours doesn't resize is that you product images are too large, which stops the page shrinking any more. Your images are only small but they have a large white border round them. Including the side images (what's new and specials) you have 5 images at 200 pixels each = 1000 plus a bit of spacing means they won't resize on most peoples (1024 wide) screens. When I stretch it onto my second screen it resizes fine, but that's really wide! You should edit them to be no more than 150px or so wide, or alternatively lose one of the side boxes.


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    ps you spelt "redirected" wrong on your front page, there's a random extra "t" in it....

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