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Thread: Customization help please!

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    Default Customization help please!

    Hello...If someone could assist me with the following changes and where to make them, I would GREATLY appreciate it! I have already seached OSCommerce's forums with no avail.

    1. Remove all images in the upper right hand corner of the catagory your in.

    2. Change "Let's See What We Have Here" to the currently viewed catagory name.

    3. Remove catagory product count from left nav bar. Where it says, (12)

    4. Remove reviews button option from the product view.

    5. Code to insert to add "create account, login" and "logof, edit account" while logged in to a nav bar I created.

    6. Set a relative path for images/javascript when using search engine safe urls.

    That should do it for now.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Customization help please!

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    First, read the guide, it doesnt directly answer all of your questions, but it will show you how to get started.

    Whatever you cannot figure out after reading the guide, I will be happy to try and help.

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    Thank you for the reply, I did download the manual but I rely on support forums moreso because I am 80% blind and it would take a year to read that manual...I did perform a search on my questions and was still unable to find a resolution for them.

    If you could please answer the questions above to the best of your ability, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

    Thank you again,
    Chris A. Hughes

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