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Thread: Changing Product Info Font Color

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    Default Changing Product Info Font Color

    I have a major problem. How do I change the product description text colors for all of my products? When adding my products, I typed the description in Microsoft Frontpage and after changing it to the desired color, I simply copied and pasted the html code into the field where you add your product description. My problem is that I have changed my background to blue and the text I used was blue so now you can hardly see the product descriptions. How do I go about changing the font color of the product descriptions to white? Here is a link so you can see what I mean. Thank you. --Janet


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    Changing Product Info Font Color

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    JaaMor, That is not a very good way to do things in a dynamic, CSS based site. You should have used the stylesheet to setup your colors, then you would just have a single change to make in stylesheet.css

    As it stands, you now have to edit the colors of every single product description of your site. There is no 'easy' way to do this.

    The easiest would be to export all the descriptions from the database to a sql file, then open it in a text editor and replace all the color tags with the new color. Then re-import the sql file to the database, overwriting the original data...

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    Thanks for the advice. Yes I know now that I shouldn't have done that but when I first started creating the site, I didn't do my homework and thought the only way to color the fonts was to do it in something like Frontpage. I now pay the price for my ignorance.

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