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Thread: Center Column Width

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    Default Center Column Width

    I successfully set up oscommerce, but now I am trying to create the template for the store pages. I adjusted the style sheet and increased all of the font sizes by 2(my site's visitors are old and like a larger font size). I increased the left column width to 190 px.

    Now, the right column no longer fits on the page at a resolution of 800/600. It's okay at 1024/768. How do I adjust the width of the middle column where it currently says What's New? I could not find the solution in the manual, thanks for the help.


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    I figured it out, I just had to adjust the column width and the table width therein in index.php.

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    You may find you have a lot more files to go through. Setting the overall column width and centering requires changes in almost all files in the catalog directory. The guys that run oscdox.com put together a tutorial on using osCommerce that has some good tips on modifying widths, centering, etc.

    Search through the site to find them.


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