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Thread: Authorize.net cc error processing your credit card

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    Default Authorize.net cc error processing your credit card

    Hi I am trying to configure OSC2.2 MS1 so that I can accept credit card transactions using authorize.net.

    I installed Austin Renfroe's contribution and get a very vague error message. When I try to enter a credit card number whether or not it's a vaild card or one of auth.net's test numbers the error message says:

    "There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again."

    When I go to the payment module of the admin section for the site and try to edit the settings for authorize.net, there are two text boxes w/o labels. Perhaps they have something to do with the entering the transaction key?

    Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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    Okay, I have uploaded the new authorize.net consolidation for AIM 1.3 and can see all of the boxes but I sill get the same vague error message. does anyone know how to debug the error messages?

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    Authorize.net cc error processing your credit card

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    This is most likely a cURL issue. Make sure you have cURL compiled with SSL on your server, and check to see that it is compiled into PHP.

    Let us know what you find...

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    Default Authorize.net error "X"

    I have two or 3 transactions that have actually been captured and approved by the bank and declined by a-net becuse of the strict settings.
    I logged in and disabled the nearly all of the restrictions and now have one transaction that has been approved, by the both bank & authorize.net.

    Also I have rec'd e-mails (a merchant receipt) from authorize.net
    & (a customer receipt) from the cart both indicating that the transaction has been approved.

    The authorize.net support rep suggested one of two things:

    1) Trouble posting the approval back to my site?
    2) A coding error that produces Error message "x" instead of linking to the checkout_success page.

    Could the curl settings cause either of these scenarios? If so, how do I adjust them?

    Has anyone else experienced this?


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