Ok I will try and make this short. On my live site a customer can create a new account, shop, check out, pay everything cool right. When checking out at the process of selecting shipping method only the Company name shows up at the top for the billing address...If you add a different address then new one and the old one show up to select. Now next step Select Payment Method, Billing address and Shipping address are not there...Company name if used is there. After check out the email's sent to the customer and the shop owner are blank in the shipping and billing fields. The only god send here is that the information is correctly sent back to us by Authorizenet so we know who the order is for. In the admin screen when reviewing orders the address is not there either???? But if I go to the Customers section in admin all their info is there. Can any one help get me going in the right direction? I have reloaded the create_account, and checkout_process files to no avail. I have also try to repair the customers, orders files through phpmyadmin. MS1