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Thread: Empty cart on secure checkout

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    Default Empty cart on secure checkout

    Ive looked around the forums here and osCommerce forums
    but they have been down the last few days.

    Can anyone tell me why im losing cart contents when going
    to secure checkout?

    Ive got two osc carts on same shared server, configs
    are identical except for folder of course.

    **asked my host and theyre reply was Osc Max is buggy
    and incosistent and they wont debug for me, imagine that
    spend a few hundred dollars a month a get...nothing.**

    Can anyone reccomend a host that osc-max [b]definitely[/b]
    works in SSL ?????

    and could handle some new business?

    how is AAbox?

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    I have used alot of Host and i will tell you that AAbox is the best just the support it's self makes it worth it. and they help you Fast not none of this 2 or 3 days latter..

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    Empty cart on secure checkout

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    fragzilla, MS2-MAX is NOT buggy or inconsistent. We do not change any of the core logic of osCommerce at all. The session handling is untouched, so if you are having session trouble, it is most likely configuration issues...

    Your host is not wrong in not wanting to mess with 'Third Party Software' though. They are probably not setup to do that, as it takes a lot of time and resources, and if they are like most hosts, their margins are pretty tight...

    ckeeper, Thanks for the kind words. We do take support very seriously, as you know

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    Default aabox new customer


    I will be contacting your company this week, I plan on
    switching 15 sites to host with aabox.

    I need the functionality for SSL with the osc carts I have
    now, and the host Im with now (acceleratedweb.com) does
    not seem to have the time for paying customers.

    I noticed your e-comm package, Is it possible to have
    multiple carts with those?? all using SSL?
    what would their ssl url look like?

    I probably should direct this to aabox specifically
    but Ive spent days without sleep, trying to get
    these carts working correctly and SECURELY

    I believe you guys are my light at the end of the tunnel

    thanks, everyone

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